We are pleased to introduce you our company “Severnii sryb” (Northern blockhouse), manufacturer of high-quality products at its own woodworking enterprise, equipped by machinery of leading European manufacturers, design and construction of timbered houses is from high-quality regularized round timber, thehouses made of laminated veneer lumber, as well as houses cutted by manhandle, "Wild timber".


We are presented in the Ukrainian market since 2005. For this moment, we can proudly say that our company is one of the leaders in the field of wooden housing construction.

Our company is building timbered houses, steam bath, restaurants and recreation centers from the ecologically clean forest from the Carpathians wood.

Our materials for building are only a selective forest of "Winter Cutting".  Under construction of wooden houses, we are using coniferous species as: pine, spruce, cedar, and larch.
Wood materials has good elasticity and density, as well as high strength to rot, and more of all there are simple in processing and installation. In design and decoration of houses we are using imitation timber, lining, block house, floor board. At the finishing decoration works we are using flat strip lipping products, only 10-12%.

We have experience of export and construction of our product in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Greece, Italy and Poland.

If you have any questions regarding the construction or acquisition of our timber houses, please don’t hesitate and contact us to: e-mail sevsrub@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer you.