Have you decided to live in harmony with nature in a cozy country house? Then your choice should definitely focus on a wooden house!

Company “Pivnichny zrub” manufactures high-quality products at the own woodworking enterprise which is equipped with machinery from leading European brands, we also offer design and construction of wooden houses from high-quality cylindrical logs (log house), houses from a glued and profiled beams. Falls within our competence the construction of wooden baths and gazebos, lumber sale, wooden doors, export and import of woodwork.

  We are present on the Ukrainian market since 2005. Now we can proudly say that our company is one of the leaders in constructing wooden houses.                                

    The main activity of the company “Pivnichny zrub” – is the construction of wooden houses from logs of a high quality, glued and profiled beams, log houses (wild peeled logs, hewed) from the northern regions of Ukraine and Russia. Wooden houses offered by our company have numerous advantages. They are easy to build because the processing of all the parts is carried out in our own factory, from where we supply ready-made sets of houses to the construction site. Wood harvesting is scheduled for winter and fresh cuts gets delivered to our factory. With the onset of cold weather, the processes inside of the tree stops, the pores are closing, and as a result, the wood becomes denser and harder.

    We only use the selective forest of winter felling. For the construction of wooden houses, we can offer coniferous species of wood – pine, spruce, cedar, larch. These types of wood has good elasticity, density and high resistance to rot, as well as ease of processing and installation. As a house finishing we use imitation of a bar, lining, blockhouse and flooring boards. In all the processing, is used only dry moldings of 10-12%.

  We are the only one who import in Ukraine cedar wood houses (cedar logs), larch houses, cylindrical logs made of cedar and larch, glued beams from Russian pine and spruce.

    Our company production processes up to 1.500 cubic meters of finished products per month. The major share of products are exported. We have built and exported more than 300 objects, which ranges from traditional wooden houses, baths, hotels and wooden restaurants to exclusive buildings made of glued beams and logs. In our business, we use classic species of wood that grows in Ukraine, as well as selective species brought in from abroad.

Company ,,Pivnichny Zrub” offers to its clients:

  • Cylindrical timber houses
  • Manually cut house (wild felling, peeled, hewed)
  • Glulam timber by NVC
  • Houses from the pro-thinned-out bar
  • Houses made of cylindered larch timbers
  • Country houses
  • Wooden windows and doors
  • Sale of lumber products (beams, boards, cylindrical timbers)
  • Molding products (lining, euro lining, floorboards, blockhouse, beam imitation).
  • Wooden houses
  • Wooden house maintenance services
  • Roofs
  • Wooden houses

Wooden houses manufactured by company ,,Pivnichny zrub” have numerous advantages:

  • We provide high quality construction, punctuality and high expertise
  • Processing of all the products is conducted in our own factory
  • Closed production cycle
  • For wood processing, are used only dry moldings having 10-12% of humidity
  • For our constructions, we use only environmentally friendly materials
  • We take a full responsibility at each stages of construction

  We invite interested parties for collaboration, wholesale buyers and representatives in other cities to discuss further work assuring you that it will be on favorable terms.

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