Cylindrical log houses

Cylindrical log houses

At all times, wooden houses had a fame as the best option for country housing. There are numerous advantages in making a decision to building a wooden house. For instance its fragrance, comfort, environmental friendliness and its health beneficial aspect. The unique property of a wooden house is its ability to “breathe” which allows you to maintain a proper microclimate without using any climatic equipment. Even a highly developed European country as Finland is engaged in this type of construction at a very high level, and Finnish wooden houses meet all the basic modern requirements of a comfortable life.

Cylindrical log houses

We are providing our services of design, manufacture and construction of cottages, houses, baths, gazebos and small architectural forms build of logs. Our company has accumulated extensive experience in woodworking and construction processes during past years. Production can be delivered based on standard and individual projects.

We offer construction of wooden houses from cylindrical logs, taking into account the most refined wishes of our clients.

Construction is performed in compliance with all necessary norms and standards. The accuracy of the cylindrical log production accelerates the assembly of buildings and reduces construction costs. Cylindrical timber is carefully prepared and processed in depot where wood is stored and protected from fungal defeats. The distinct appearance of cylindrical logs is thanks to high quality and purity of its finishing surface, what further allows us to skip additional wall finishing, both inside and outside. Our professional approach to construct wooden house of cylindrical logs, allows us to erect strong, reliable cottages meeting all requirements, standards and your additional wishes.

Working scheme.

1. Selection of the project.

If you decided to build a house of cylindrical logs, but could not find a suitable project – we will help you to choose a project that can satisfy all your needs.

However, if you have found the right project, but you are not satisfied with some parts of it – we will check for you its compliance with technological standards and change some details of the project according to your preferences. Please note that in the internet you may often find projects that do not meet technological standards and is simply impossible to build houses accordingly to some projects listed in internet websites. We will give you our professional advices on reliability of a house design.

Quite often, our clients come to us with a request to adapt the stone house project to a log house project.

2. Cost calculation

After you have chosen a project, immediately comes out the question about its cost. To answer this, we will make a preliminary calculation that will reflect an approximate cost of the building materials plus construction work. To answer question about wall set cost, you must specify the diameter of desired log, and attach plans of future house (you can also specify house sizes, or give an exact link to the project from web). Without this information, we will not be able to make any calculation! In the mail, it is preferable to indicate your phone number and address of the construction site (to calculate the delivery costs of the wall kit).

3. Contract

After approving the estimated costs next step will be to conclude a contract. Turnkey construction is divided into stages: foundation manufacture, assembly of the frame, installation of rafter-lattice system and ultimately installation of temporary roof. At each stage there is a separate contract. It is important to note, that before finishing works, such as installation of doors and windows, the house must withstand at least 6-10 months. Otherwise, you are doomed to the gaps formation, between the logs and breaches in the house construction. Due to this reason, we are usually doing the entire construction of the house.

Finishing works you may order at our company or from other manufacturers as well.

4. Methods of payment

After concluding the contract, you need to make a first prepayment for the work costs, within three working days from the date of signing the contract. The rest must be paid within two working days after the first half of a wall set have been manufactured and presented. In case you choose option of turnkey construction, payment must be done after wall set installation and fitting of a rough floors, along with signing the Act of delivery-acceptance of already done works.
Payment can be made by cashless payment method or other.

5. Construction

We provide our services, ranging from assembly of log cabin to construction of turnkey objects. All the work is carried out by qualified specialists and performed all time in a high quality. All the control of construction works is carried out personally by the director of our company.

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