One of the main activities of the Company ,,Pivnichny Zrub” is the lumber export from Ukraine to European countries, as well as China, South Korea, Turkey and others. A wide range of features and our own production volume capacity, allows us to provide our customers with the required type of materials.


Our company is focused more on the export of beams (cylindered logs, edged, unhedged, glued), half-beams, boards (hard and soft wood; planed, unhedged, etc.) and billets for pallets. If it is necessary, we can ship any type of lumber but only in case the export is not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine for export abroad.

We are exporting:

  • Forest of soft and hard species;
  • Lumber for sawmills;
  • Materials for the manufacture of furniture, fences and other wood products;
  • Wooden lining;
  • Blockhouse;
  • Props, pegs, poles, etc.

Timber manufactured by UAWP company are getting inspected, have certificates of origin and quality, and meeting the requirements of GOST.


We prepare wood for export by the wholesale individual orders. The order preparation takes 3-4 days. Our own production facilities, located in Ovruch, Zhytomyr region, allows us to produce lumber products for export in any required volumes in a short time frame.

Used species: coniferous and deciduous, hard and soft wood varieties.

Quality: fresh and healthy wood with natural color, smooth cut, healthy knots (amount depending on the variety). The quality complies with GOST 8486-86.

We do not export lumber with cracks, molds and wood affected by the fungus.

Upon request, it is possible to treat the forest with antiseptics and fulfill drying to the required percentage of humidity.

All products manufactured by our company for export meet European and international quality standards. We are working based on contractual prices.


We perform customs clearance, providing the entire package of documents for the full list of items included in the order. We provide quarantine and radiological certificate, and certificate of origin. Orders go exported under the terms of delivery by CPT, FCA, CIF, FOB.

Please note that our company does not export raw timber, from deciduous and coniferous species, in accordance with the banning law to export of raw timber from Ukraine to other countries. We also do not send lumber made of cherry tree, pear , acacias, yews, junipers, chestnuts tree, walnut, and sycamores, which are considered by the legislation of Ukraine to be rare and valuable species.

By concluding a cooperation agreement with UAWP, you get a stable supplier of lumber from a reliable and honest manufacturer.

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