The tendency to choose wooden structure for a country house has significantly increased all around the world. Thanks to new woodworking technologies, modern wooden houses have acquired qualities that distinguish them from stone and brick structures: their beautiful appearance, no need in finishings, they are breathable and retaining well the heat. It is also important to note their reliability and durability. Wooden walls always gives to your home cozy and warm sense of atmosphere. Sincerely speaking, wooden houses are the most favorable habitat for a comfort life. Glulam is the most suitable and high-quality material to reach all the mentioned advantages.


A short history of laminated timber

At all times, wood has been used as main construction material. Modern technology is improving constantly and new building materials are emerging. Nevertheless, wood is still in high demand and its popularity does not fall. However, it should be noted that wood has a number of disadvantages (distortion, shrinkage, cracking, twisting, etc.), which create certain difficulties in its processing, construction and exploitation. These aspects helped to find ways to improve the quality of raw materials. Laminated timber production appear to be one of the solutions because dried coniferous lamellas are glued only after complete elimination of defects, makes them a high-quality products.

The appearance of laminated timber is a revolution in the house construction. If this material is processed correctly, it does not have a single drawback and retains all the advantages that are inherent in wood. It is difficult to mention exactly which companies was innovators in production of laminated timber. Almost simultaneously, several large manufacturers from Scandinavia, specializing in the construction of quality wooden houses presented on market laminated timbers.

Quite fast, this material became in demand and gained popularity. Evidently, with its use it became possible to erect a house quickly, easily, and most importantly deliver a high-quality product.

Advantages of laminated timber

This material has its special way of wood processing, which takes a lot of time time and efforts but allows us to deliver a quality building materials. Developers were able not only to eliminate the existing shortcomings of pine, but also to help ensure that its advantages are significantly improved.

Laminated timber differs in ideal shapes and sizes. It is sorted by batches, taken into account even its color and texture. Wall made laminated timber does not need to be processed – it is attractive itself and has a neatly smooth and even surface, which not only pleases the eye, but is also a natural decoration. Most importantly: even years after, timbers appearance will always be attractive because it does not crack;

  • There is no need to wait for house to shrink. For instance houses built with use of ordinary logs after the construction, require some time to allocate in order for it to “settle down” and acquire its final shape. This creates a number of difficulties and inconveniences. Glulam is subject to special treatment, and its humidity is initially much lower than other wood products. Consequentially, its shape is fixed, which means that as soon as the house is built you can immediately begin with finishing works;
  • Lightness and strength. Glulam is much stronger than the other most expensive and elite types of wood, but it is quite light, which allows you to build tall and bulky houses on a relatively light foundation. This is an additional saving of material resources and time spent on construction.Even a house of complex design, from glulam it can be constructed in a maximum of one month (on the ready foundation);
  • High accuracy. It is carried out quickly, simply and easily, thanks to special profiling assembly of a felling. It is guaranteed complete absence of gaps or grooves between timbers. The glulam walls represent a solid majestic monolith, which does not allow moisture in and does not require additional insulation. All details from given design are made with observance of all sizes and high accuracy;
  • Resistance to fungus. Wood is processed in accordance with European standards and norms. As a result, it is environmentally friendly and safe and is not damaged by various types of insects and fungus.

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